Little Rock Marathon 2014 recap

Where do I even begin? I will start at the beginning I suppose….

I rode to the marathon with my two sole sisters Trina and Rebekah. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot I saw our dear friends Heather, Christine, Erin, and Dan. We all hung out and talked for a little by the car about whether or not we dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. The temperature at the time was upper 40’s, but we knew it was supposed to continuously drop. We all made sure we had our trash bags because the forecast called for rain.  We then all headed to a local hotel that allows you to use the restrooms and hang in the lobby until the race starts. Thank you Heather for this information or we would have been using porta potty’s in the cold! 

As soon as we stepped in the lobby I saw some of the people who have inspired me most in my life!! Sonia not only has inspired me with running, but her and her husband David are the ones who spiked my interest in becoming a Respiratory Therapist. This was Simone’s (far right) first half marathon. I have been following her journey on Facebook. I am always inspired my new runners/walkers!





When I saw Stacy Cates my heart just beamed! I met Stacy my first year doing the Women Can Run Clinic. Her hair was still growing in from her treatments for breast cancer. With my mom being a breast cancer survivor her story immediately touched me. I thought to myself if she is out here being positive and moving forward after all she has been through then so can I. She knows now, but had no idea what an impact on my life she had. During our runs she would say “Anyone can do anything for 30 seconds.” That touched me and motivated me more than she could ever imagine! I still tell that story to new runners and even sometimes I tell my patients that! Image

This was also my sweet friend Angie Madding’s first half marathon! I have known Angie for years, but running has brought us closer and we have a much better friendship now. Angie suffers from Ulcerative Colitis. She has had some struggles during training, but she has pushed through it and completed her goal. Over the last year I have watched the light in her begin to shine again. I am so proud of her. 




Ok here we go… It was time to get to our corrals! It had begun to sprinkle so the trash bags went on! This year they decided to do a wave start. I am not personally a fan of this. We waited 45 minutes to cross the start after the first corral. It was raining and cold and all my enthusiasm from seeing my friends and hearing the National Anthem was gone by the start.

Patiently waiting… 



As soon as it was our time to start Rebekah said “I have to use the restroom.” Really? First porta potty we will stop! When we passed the first set there was a line so we kept going. We wanted to stay just in front of the 5:25 pace group. I was the one with the Garmin. I think I said slow down 500 times to my counter parts. They had the adrenaline from all the people and wanted to go way to fast! The 2nd set of bathrooms… a long line. I guess after waiting almost an hour in the corrals everyone had to use the restroom. Crossing the Broadway bridge going into NLR we saw Angie and Vickie! YAAYYY we cheered and chatted for a second and my enthusiasm was restored. Right before mile 3 there was a large group of porta potty’s and although there was a line we decided to go ahead and stop. At that time the 5:25 pace group passed us. Just around the corner was our cheer squad! Now they deserve medals!! Yes I am going to list them all because I feel they don’t get enough credit for standing out in the cold cheering for everyone!! We had 20 people there for us! My mom, my brother and his girlfriend, my husband and son, my cousins and their 2 kids. My best friend drove in from Memphis with her boyfriend and 2 kids. Trina’s husband, son and his girlfriend, her best friend and 2 kids came all the way from Florida. Rebekah’s husband and one of her kids. They were loud and so encouraging! They took this picture of me at the first stop! Image As you can see I was excited to see them! 

At mile 4 I started to get warm and decided to take my very fashionable trash bag off. It was still drizzling on and off, but i was getting warm. We saw our entourage one more time on the NLR side before they moved to the LR side of the race. We were doing good and our pace felt good going back over the Broadway bridge. We passed the 5:25 pace group and walked for a few seconds while we ate our nutrition. We were moving right along dancing when we heard music, talking, and really taken in the beautiful homes in the Govern mansion neighborhood. We had settled into about a 10:30 pace. I had given up on telling them to slow down. Just before the split at mile 11 for the half marathoners to go right and us to go left we saw some more Cabot Cruisers! Loved seeing BrendaDuhamel! Always a joy! Then we heard the THV crew playing Footloose! Well of course we all three broke out into a weird run, dance. This motivated us and we were feeling great. We talked about how far we had all three come in our running and how in 2012 when we ran the half for the first time at that point we felt like death. 

Just after mile 12 we met back up with the half marathoners for a short time before we turn off to the left to head to the state capital. This is when the wind and rain started to pick up and I could tell the temperature was dropping. I had just a block to go to turn left out of the wind and my family would be there by the capital. Then right at the turn off we watched them barricade the road. What!? We saw everyone go straight. We could her the women police officer saying something, but couldn’t quite make it out. It only took one more second to realize what she said. “Race is cancelled, go straight to finish, extreme weather.” NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! My heart sunk. I was deflated! We just stopped running and I started to cry. I immediately thought of my family. I had trained so hard and spent countless hours away from home. They all are out here in freezing rain to watch me run a full marathon. This can’t be happening! I called my husband and he did not answer so then called my mom to tell them it was cancelled to go to the finish line. At that time we weren’t given an option to continue at our own risk. The road was barricaded and we had no option but to run to the finish with all the half marathoners. Rebekah said lets finish strong and we did. At the finish I really didn’t know if I should take the full marathon medal. I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I was just so disappointed. I had  a million things running through my head! This was going to be my only marathon. I don’t have the time to train for another. It put a lot of strain on my family. 

We took our finisher picture with our medals. At this point I was now freezing and couldn’t feel my hands. We saw Trina and Rebekah’s family. I fell into Trina’s husband Jason’s arms. He could tell my heart was broken.  My family had parked on the NLR side and hadn’t made it over to me. I hugged everyone and told them thank you and headed over to where my family had parked. It was now a steady rain and the temperature had dropped into the 30’s. On my way the Michelob ultra people were packing up. She said “you look like you need this” and I did! It was so good! 

My family met me on the bridge and hugged my neck. My mom gave me her jacket and we hurried to the car. We all went to eat and they all told me how proud they were that I even did 14 miles. I appreciated them more than they know and I love them all so much!

I was never angry with the race directors for their decision. I was just heart broken. I know everything happens for a reason. I absolutely love the Little Rock marathon! I am not sure if I will be doing the Full or not next year (yes I am now throwing the idea around), but I will at least be there for the half! The volunteers are amazing. I know they had to all be freezing and I know they were soaked! 

We are planning a virtual marathon in a few weeks. We will all bring our medals and run our 26.2 miles. (I have to earn that 26.2 sticker for the back of my truck). With running we know that the weather can change our plans and mother nature got us this time!! 




My path to my 1st Full Marathon!

There are only 5 days until the Little Rock Marathon. I feel a whirlwind of emotions. Nervous, anxious, happy, scared, pride…I could go on and on! Through some advise from other members of our local running club I am going to let go and let god take care of the things that are out of my control. I have trained hard and I am ready. I am going to go out there and enjoy every minute of the 26.2 miles. Well, maybe not enjoy, but I am going to take it all in! I will run with purpose. (1 Corinthians 9.26)

I have been reflecting on how I got to this point in my life.

In March 2010 I joined the Women Can Run Clinic. I have said it before and I will shout it again THIS CLINIC CHANGED MY LIFE! Women Run Arkansas


In April I ran my first 5k. I struggled through it! I was slow, tired, hot, and nauseas, I threw up. Not once… twice! But, I kept going and completed it! I think I was more proud that I didn’t stop then actually finishing the race. For a long time after that every race I did I threw up! I told myself it was because I was pushing so hard and it might have been that. It could have also been the humidity or my nutrition or shall I say lack of nutrition. That day my two leaders of the run clinic were there to run with me and cheer me to the finish line. They will never know how much they have influenced me!


The next year in the same clinic we were running a timed mile. I really really had to use the restroom and again thought I was going to puke. Almost the entire mile I was keeping pace with Trina Crumpton. I had no idea then that she would become one of my sole sisters! She encouraged me to keep going and our friendly competition to the finish line meant a lifetime of running memories!
The following year I was talking to a friend at the hospital I work at when a girl ease dropping on our conversation heard us talking about running. She said she was looking for a running partner and we lived in the same town! Score! We met that next week and Rebekah Gilbert has been another one of my sole sisters since that day!
We have now all three completed 4 half marathons and in 5 days a full marathon together! 20140225-002047.jpgThese girls have heard it all! I love them more than they know!

Our first half marathon was the Little Rock Half March 2012. Two weeks before I found out I was pregnant. I never thought twice about whether or not I should run it. * I did consult my physician who gave me the ok!
That day my family was there showing me so much support. They made me feel so special! They drove around to various locations along the path. I never knew where they would be. It was so wonderful to see their faces each and every time! My sole sister Trina and I ran the entire race together. When my back started hurting at mile 3 Trina said “No it’s not! Keep going” and I did! At mile 11 Trina was having foot pain. So, I said ” it’s fine, there is Kerri (Seigrist) she can’t beat us!” We finished together and we beat Kerri😉 That day I swore I’d never run a full marathon! Any runner knows to never say never!

Along the way I have met some of the most inspiring men and women! Most of these people I do not only consider my friends, but family! These women inspire each other and have given me countless amounts of advise! Some of them do not even realize how much they have touched my life. A few of them know some of my most embarrassing moments (Missy Grande/sole sister) and with running there are many embarrassing moments!
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On Sunday when I gather with thousands of people we will not be there to just run a race. We will be there to test our strengths and push through our weaknesses. Each step I will remember all the people who have inspired me, trained with me, supported me, and I will especially remember those who we will run with again in heaven! I ask God to wrap his arms around all the runners, volunteers, and supporters on Sunday!


Three quick healthy meals

Finding time to cook, work, run, cross train, and take care of a household can be difficult!!

They may not be gourmet meals but they work!

Here are three of my quick go to meals..

Teriyaki Tilapia
This one is because I can buy frozen tilapia and it thaws quickly!!!
4 Tilapia filets
1/2 C Teriyaki marinade (you can make your own, but I buy it to save time)
8 Pineapple slices
2 C Brown Rice (I use the individual minute rice)


Pour Teriyaki marinade over thawed tilapia in baking dish or broiler pan
Broil Tilapia on high for 5 min estimate
Flip Tilapia over
Place two pineapple slices on each Filet
Cook an additional 5 min or until Filet is white and flaky

Cook rice per package directions

Turkey Burgers
Frozen Turkey Burger Patties
Whole Wheat Buns
Swiss Cheese

Optional toppings
1 Tbsp BBQ sauce

Cook Frozen Patties on grill (I use George Foreman Grill)
Place on bun with optional toppings


Buffalo Chicken Wraps
3 Boneless skinless chicken breast
2 C. Buffalo Sauce
Wheat Tortillas

Optional Toppings
Sour Cream

Place chicken in crockpot with buffalo sauce
Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours
Shred or chop chicken

Place in tortilla with optional toppings and wrap!


No magic pill or shake??!!

You can lose weight and not change your diet or work out!!!!

Lately I have seen lots of people promoting certain shakes or pills that make you lose weight while you sit on the couch and eat a whole pizza. Does this sound ridiculous to you? Well it is! I know this sounds appealing, but think about it if it really worked everyone would do it. It’s also not healthy! Some of these items can be beneficial to helping you jump start your weight loss, if you take them correctly, change your eating habits, and start a work out routine. The reality is you may lose weight at first, but you will put it all back on if you are not eating right!

To get the weight off and keep it off takes hard work and commitment. It’s not easy, but it is very rewarding! It is a lifestyle change. You have to schedule your workouts and make it part of your daily routine. You have to plan your meals. After a few weeks it becomes natural. I am feeling more energy now than I ever have! I feel healthier and look forward to working out and eating right!


Where did the time go….

Wow the time got away from me!!! I have been finding time to workout BUT not blog! Since my first blog I have been able to start the WCR clinic again this year. Although, I only get to make it thursday nights 😔. I have ran 2 5ks, one of them I had the pleasure to run with my Aunt Teri and it was her first! I will always remember my first 5K. I puked twice and thought I was dying, but kept right on trucking it up the massive hill right before the finish line! That is when I began to hate love running. This past weekend I ran my first 10K with my lovely running partners! I amazed myself by completing the race without stopping.

I have also started doing the Beach Body Turbo Fire workout videos and I have changed my diet. I am eating much healthier, although I still enjoy my Happy Hippos from Germany 😉 One of my goals was to kick my addiction to my crack (diet coke)! I can say I’m a recovering diet coke drinker!!! I have had three in the last 4 weeks!!! I’m not sure if it is the running, diet, no crack, or Turbo Fire but my energy level has definitely increased.

I want to be motivation to those who think they don’t have time to work out. My schedule is crazy and physcotic! On the days I work I only get 5-6 hrs sleep. I have to squeeze in working out and running. Plus I’m cooking everyday to avoid fast food restaurants and taking care of kids (it is still strange to say kidS). It can be done and I am so happy that I am finding away. Like I have stated before… Without My husband and my mom I wouldn’t be able to do it all!

This weekend we are taking a road trip to Shreveport. I am running my first obstacle course/mud run!!! I’m super excited because I’m doing it with my family, including my hubby!!!
Spring Fling March 23, 2013


LR Classic 10K April 6, 2013


New Beginning

Getting back into shape and starting back running as been somewhat of a challenge for me since having Miss Saydee! I know she is only 3 months old and I promise I am not putting too much pressure on myself. With that being said… I know that I have to make the time and put in the effort to get my groove back! Being in shape and being able to run gives me confidence that I can not explain! I have never felt so accomplished as I did the day I finished my first half marathon. Even more so than graduating from College. I put in lots of hours and waking up early to be able to do run 13.1 miles! And now…I am not starting all over, but I know I can do it!!

Today was a little cold to take Saydee outside (plus some say you shouldn’t run with them in a jogging stroller until they are 6 months- that is another story for another day), so I decided that I would put her in her Bjorn mesh baby carrier and walk on the treadmill! Now to put it mildly Saydee is a crier. I didn’t know how she would do or if we would even make it to the treadmill. My plan was to start off doing 10 minutes and see how she would do. We hopped on the treadmill with Sex in the City playing on the TV, put it on an incline of 4 and off we went. At 10 min I could tell miss priss was getting sleepy so I put a little more bounce in my step (literally) and by 15 min she was sound asleep! I went another 5 min before my back started hurting and I decided that 20 min (1.25 miles) was a good start! SUCCESS!!!

saydeecarrier      saydeecarrier2

My eating habits have gotten much better! With my husband owning a nutrition store ( you would think that I would do better, but working the night shift with fellow co-workers who eat cheeseburgers, french fries, pies, and candy has been challenging. I am getting to where the smell doesn’t even bother me (most of the time). I am trying to wean myself from Diet Coke! WOW that’s probably the hardest thing!! Right now I am down to one a day and plan to take away a day each week until I don’t crave them anymore. Wish me luck with that one.

Tomorrow after we have family pictures taken!! I’m excited! Anyhow… Since today’s carrier ride was such a success we plan to go to Pinnacle Mountain and attempt to climb the mountain the with kids! Fingers crossed today was not just a fluke and we all enjoy ourselves and get a much need active family day outside!